For those of us who can fast in prayer for Txhiaj Txoov Lis on Friday May 8, 2009 from 6:00am to 6:00 pm, please pray that his procedure will be minor and that when the doctors go in there will not be any complications. Please pray for a simple and quick outpatient procedure. I ask that you also keep these other people in your thoughts and prayers.
1. Xh Vam Pov Lis - for his health to get better and for him to continue to do God's work.
2. N. Txawj Tub Lis - for doctors to be able to diagnose her stomach condition and for her stomach to get better.
3. Tsheej Xyooj - for his CT results of the nasal sinus to be insignificant.
4. Katrina Yang - her next eye appointment is June 1, 2009 - please pray for her eye disease to heal.
5. Ethan Yang - his next eye appointment is May 18, 2009 - please pray for his left eye muscle to be strong like his right eye.
6. N. Txus Tsab - for her delivery to be uncomplicated and to have a healthy child.

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TX Ka for posting this. We'll keep everyone in our prayers.

Just an update on my Dads situation, his Op is next Friday. Tomorrow he will only be there for his pre-Op.
Thank you for the reminder; Everyone above will be in our thoughts & prayers.
I'd like to thank everyone for their prayers. My Dad had his op this past weekend and is back at home now. Although things did not start smoothly, it was such a blessing to see all the support from everyone. May God bless all of those who had opened their hearts and time to visit my Dad and our family.

It was also nice to see Pastor Ed at U of M. May God be with him and his member who was receiving a heart valve transplant.

God bless
I'm happy to hear your dad is back home. May the Lord bless him with a speedy recovery.


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