The study and training of Master Life has changed, and open many brothers and sisters lives at our church. I can testify that it has helped me see my path more clear and allowed me to stay focus on my walk with Christ. I've seen some members drastically turn their life around.

It is in an essence the training of our behavior that helps us understand and start practicing what we've always been preached. It also open ones heart to take ownership of their belief and have a sense of urgency to help others taste what is so good.

My analogy of the course is like that of an athlete compared to a Christian. We all say that we are or even want to be an athlete, but fail to practice and train ourselves to be able to compete. Master life opened my understanding and behavior as a Christian. It helped me focus in developing good discipline. Disciplines that endures what may not always make sense.

I suggest all church leaders give this program a try when developing disciples in your church or even within yourselves.

Share with us your experience with the Master Life program or other studies like it?

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Master Life is a great training tool. It dimensionalizes, disciplines, equips, and builds one's relationship with God to be able disciple and minister to others about the Good News.

It is able to speak to all levels of Christian in their walk of faith. Through the team members that took this course, it addressed each individual’s need to their potential hunger for God's salvation. Some learned and were engaged, some were renewed and restored, and others were saved and born again.

It is very thorough, in depth, and a powerful training tool. I highly recommend Master Life. I believe that this has built a strong relationship amongst the groups and members who took Master Life. This energy has also been translated to others who have not taken Master Life. Praise God. It is reflected in our growth of works, deeds, offerings, and most importantly, faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.


I didn't have the oppurtunity to share my testimony about Master Life with the first class in 2007. Thank you God for giving me this forum to share my testimony.

Prior to Master Life: I couldn't glorify God. The honest truth! I was dead spiritually in my walk with Christ. Church was a routine for me. Oh, it's Sunday, time to go to church. Monday through Saturday, what bible, what song book, I'll just wait until Sunday. If you look up the definition of a failed disciple of Christ, chances are my name would be there in bold. Here I was, a Christian for 15 plus years and yet I didn't know what I was doing. I began to give up on myself. I had failed! I had doubts in my head to stop and walk away from God. What's the point of continuing further with my walk with Christ if God can't use me. God can't use a failure such as myself to glorify Him. I was on the verge of packing it in. Thankfully God had other plans for me. I wanted more and surely God wanted to give me more. I prayed and prayed for help. Shortly after, Xh Cher Pao Yang became our pastor. He stressed how Master Life has helped so many individuals such as myself to have a hope for a better tomorrow. So I signed up for Master Life not knowing what I was getting myself into. It was like signing up for college. I was going to the University of Jesus Christ. Through Master Life I was going to develop a personal, lifelong obedient relationship with Jesus Christ. This bible study was everything which I needed to help me to become like Christ. It was a sense of direction to become a disciple of Christ. Through Master Life, I realized even though I had failed, God never gave up on me. God kept cheering for me to get up and continue forward. Those doubts that I had, was the Devil pushing me to quit on myself. Eventually I learned to quit on the Devil and not God. My friends, I highly recommend Master Life to anyone who is unsure of what it means to truly be a disciple of Christ. Through Master Life, new oppurtunities will be given to you to glorify God. I'm currently going back through the material and trying my best to soak up the information like a sponge. If you want to build upon your relationship with God, I highly recommend Master Life. If you truly give your heart to Christ, you can see unbelievable changes in your life. When that day comes, you will be glorifying God.
Such words of encouragement, I am so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us. May God continue to bless you and your family. May God continue to use you as a light for others.
Your Sister,
So, did your church do this in a small group? How long did it take? What are the requirements for an applicant for this class? Did you do it on a Sunday during Sunday School or during a week-night/ Saturday? Also, how long does each session take? Now I'm really excited about looking into this curriculum.
We did it in small groups. It doesn't mean you can't, but I'd recommend it. Our first group had 12 people and the second about the same. We meet after worship each Sunday for 2 hours. We all rotated in bringing food. According to the homework involved, it would take over a month for each book. So, it took us about half a year to complete the 4 books. You do have to account for a few weeks off for other priorities and week break in between each book. Maybe even just a week to give the students some rest. But lagging the course on too long may burn everyone out.

As for the applicants, anyone could take the course, but I would avoid any new/baby Christians. There are some pretty heavy stuff to absorb and you may not want to intimidate the week at spirit. It starts off with Luke 9:23. Each book gets tougher and tougher. Not in the reading, but in the practice.

The typical student would do their daily homework everyday, 5 days a week for 5-6 months. You need to know and memories each weekly memory verses and set an appointment to talk to the Lord everyday in your "quite time." (I did it mostly while I was driving to and from work.) There is a big test after each book and the state would then send you a certificate for your accomplishment.

It is grueling:) But it's like a great workout that hurts soo good. I believe it exhausted everyone at the end. When thinking about the experience, it gets very emotional having realized how hard it is to try to be like Christ. How hard it was for Him too. It gives one a profound experience of pure spiritual joy. I guess, I've always knew Jesus loved me, for the bible told me so. But now, it's like CRYSTAL CLEAR. You will be opened to clearly seeing how much Jesus really loves you. And why He had to suffer for you. I could have never made it on my own nor could no one else had He not done it for us. K, I'm babbling.

You can set what works for your class, but the small group helped us. Our 2 hour class really was just a review of our work during the week and going over things we didn't understand or just sharing our experiences. I thought it wasn't enough time. It really bonded all the students. All of us who have taken Master Life has came out stronger. Some, their lives changed before our eyes. Glory be to God.

Word of caution: Satan does not want anyone to learn the truth. Be prepared to support your students in ways you may have never needed to do before.

May Gods glory be with you
MasterLife was a fulfilling experience that quenched my thirst to want to look further for the Lord's Words. It opened my heart to accept and seek the Holy Spirit to be within me and guide me in times of need. I found MasterLife to be one of the most important class that I have taken. It wasn't a class that I received a grade in or a class that will be on my transcript, but it was a class that will allow me to receive the Lord's credit. The Lord's credit is the most important credit on any transcript. I was blessed that the Lord called me to take this class.
May I ask a few questions about this program.

1. Who is the developer, and what is his denomination?

2. You also said that the state sends you a certificate, please explain.
Brother Flint,

Sorry I haven't been able to get to your questions sooner, but here's some info:

The developer of the MasterLife set was done by Dr Avery T. Willis Jr. The set is non-denominational, but Dr Willis is from the Southern Baptist denomination.

MasterLife - Leader Kit $74.95

MasterLife - 4 Book Set for Students $26.95

And as for the certificate, it is a certificate in recognition of your accomplishment in your study and training.
Hey, if you are a fan of MasterLife and have a FaceBook account, you can join us at Meet Dr. Avery Willis the author and founder of MasterLife. Fellowship with other MasterLife alumnis and learn or share experiences.


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