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Hmong Hymns: Lub Xyoo Tshiab Ncig Los Txog

Here's a New Years song that we all can practice. Below is the lyrics and music to download.

Lub Xyoo Tshiab Ncig Los Txog



Lub xyoo tshiab ncig los txog lawm

Peb Hmoob sawvdaws tuav tes mus, txais lub xyoo tshiab no

Nco txog Vajtswv…


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Jesus movie in Hmong

I remember when The Jesus Story movie dubbed in Hmong came out while I was a kid. It seemed the whole Christian and non-Christian Hmong community came to watch it. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it here.

Thanks to GospelGo for hosting this. If you're having issues viewing this,…


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Testimony of General Vang Pao in hell

This is a testimony from Chia Suv Muas. A 22 years old Hmong Christian and his outer body experience taking him to witness hell and our beloved General Vang…


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Hmong Hymn Songs

I recently visited Hmong Baptist National Association's new website and was pretty impressed with their Hymns page. It has a pretty good list of hymns that provides music with or without vocals. Some even has variations of music. And best of all, you can download the mp3s.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to learn or have some music to praise with. Keep in mind, the title of these hymns are base of the Hmong… Continue

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Happy Father's Day

To the hero in my life, happy father's day.

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My Savior My God

Some says it is the good news, I say this praise song is one of the greatest news. I love this unplugged version of Aaron Shusts, "My Savior My God." One of my favorite praise songs.…


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How great is our God.

This praise song is one of my all time favorite.

I'm a bit of an old fashion when it comes to songs of praise. Raised up traditionally on hymns and have found a profound love for them. When modern rock came into worship, I had second guested it. I wasn't sure if it was for the show or for God, but I've since came to my senses and now find that modern rock speaks and praises God in ways hymns doesn't. I guess it doesn't matter what form of… Continue

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A World Without God

I just saw "The Book of Eli" the other night and thought It was an interesting perspective on how valuable God's Word would be if we couldn't have it. I thought it could have played more into the value of having a "God", but they decided to go into the action route instead. I guess it is Hollywood.

But that does raise some thoughts about what this world would be without God or a "God". Rather you are a believer or not, it's a good question to ask. I think it's actually a great… Continue

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God is great even in our darkest moments.

It was great to see my former pastor Wapao Lee again, but unfortunately it had to be at the hospital. He and his wife recently just moved back to Metro-Detroit, but before they were even able to settle in, he was struck with some severe illness. He had a by-pass surgery and also have some kidney problems. I pray that he and his family may overcome these dark moments in their lives.

This situation reminded me of my dads surgery. It reminded me that even though we may feel as we're in… Continue

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Hmong Christians Evangelizing with Social Media


An internet talk show hosted by an unknown Hmong Christian. Although it's an online broadcast from his phone and computer, I'm glad that Hmong Christians are seeking to utilize Social Media tools to evangelize and share the Good News.

I give much props to the creator and host of this internet talk radio show.

May Gods will be… Continue

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Tweet directly via RSS feed on Twitter

As admin of Hmong American Baptist Church, I've been looking for a way to help me automatically tweet our blogs unto our Twitter account. Without an automation tool, it takes much redundant time for a one-man social media team to evangelize online. I figure sooner or later I'd find a smart tool to help my task and sooner it was.

I recently Stumble upon a bunch of useful Twitter tools, but was very excited when I read about… Continue

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Twittering in Church, sin or glorifying?

Every Sunday I lead in worship reminding the congregation to turn off all phones or put it in silent mood before the sermon. There's nothing like being distracted by a personal ring tone coming from the back somewhere. And it never fails that they can't find the off button.

But, I saw a blog about Twittering in church from Time.com about a church in… Continue

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Things Aren't Always As They Seem

Once, there were two traveling angels. A senior angel and her little apprentice. They traveled near and far, and after a full days of work they searched for a place to spend the night. That late evening, they found a home to a wealthy family.

They explained to the family of their long travel and how they just needed a place to spend the night before they were off in the morning. The family hesitantly allowed them to stay. They were… Continue

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