I recently visited Hmong Baptist National Association's new website and was pretty impressed with their Hymns page. It has a pretty good list of hymns that provides music with or without vocals. Some even has variations of music. And best of all, you can download the mp3s.

This is perfect for anyone wanting to learn or have some music to praise with. Keep in mind, the title of these hymns are base of the Hmong Baptist National Association's hymn book and may not be recognized by other denominations, but once you hear the music you'll know which hymn it is.

Hmmm, I'm considering turning some of these hymns into karaokes. There's a group of Christians I know that loves to karaoke:)

Check it out.

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Comment by KL Begin Lee on January 16, 2011 at 8:45am

Good information for us karaoke lovers. I went onto their web site but was not able to access the MP3 hymns under church resources. Any suggestions?




KL Begin 

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